Thursday, June 28, 2018

Scheisse, Again!

Germans seem to be unable to catch any break these recent days. First, the national team crushes out from World Cup, now this!

It is SM-2 missile which failed to leave MK 41 VLS and, obviously burned inside. Luckily, two sailors who sustained injuries seem to be OK and no permanent damage to their health. Plus, MK 41, it seems, did its job by limiting the ordeal to a single cell. The explosion of several SM-2s could have been disastrous for this Sachsen-class FFG. This event shows how dangerous military service is and how cautious one has to be with weapon systems. It is a very complex technology and, as any technology, it breaks down. In real war, of course, this particular frigate most likely would have been an easy target after this event.    

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