Thursday, July 14, 2016

It Is Kinda Too Late, Isn't It?

This should have been done 9 months ago and it could have been a very serious message to Islamic terrorism. Russia and US fighting jihadists together. But it wasn't meant to be, in fact--opposite, driven by US hubris and paranoia, was implemented. Now, Kerry brings to Russia some "plan" which IS NOT designed to fight ISIS.

The only reason for Kerry's top level meeting with Putin, and Lavrov, is to ensure that lame-duck Obama can get at least some face-saving something from the US-engineered "Assad-Must-Go" catastrophe in Syria. It is understandable entirely against the background of Obama Administration's utter disaster in foreign policy. We all may, of course, do the "what if" thing and imagine what if Obama was a competent and courageous national leader, what if US foreign policy establishment wasn't run by insane neocon war-mongering Russophobes, what if US media had at least some professional integrity--yes, then things would have been different. Far fewer people would have been dead and the only militarily sensible conclusion would have been made--that it is in US interest to cooperate in good faith with Russia in fighting such a scourge as ISIS, Al Qaeda and affiliates, not to support them. Now, obviously, no one in their own mind in Moscow (or in Russia) believes in US "good intentions" for the sake of defeating jihadists in Syria. 

I will expound on Kerry's visit and the "plan" later but for now--all attention on Putin and Lavrov, while Russia's Air-Space forces continue to do their job.


To be continued......


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