Tuesday, July 19, 2016

I Am Still Keeping A Pause

I am still keeping a pause in regards to Turkey's events. I just don't like to jump to conclusions, especially when events are so chaotic and so complex--Turkey is a very complex country. I am also waiting for tomorrow's Ankara's "announcement", which, as is being stated in media, will be sensational. Before I drop some of my thoughts BEFORE this announcement (whatever it may be) I want to point out to a yesterday's interview of Turkish Navy's Rear-Admiral (Ret.) Soner Pollat to Azerbaijan's news outlet Haqqin (Time). Admiral's interview to Zaur Rasulzade has a telling title: 

The interview is in Russian but Google will be able to do the job. I am not going to speculate who was behind the coup until all details emerge. But ramifications of coup's failure--and I am beginning to lean towards the version that the coup was not staged--are tectonic and global. The reason for that is simple: if Erdogan is not an idiot, and if he allowed the coup to play out it means that he is not, his political good fortune and fate, as well as Turkey's, are not in EU or NATO--they are to the East. Erdogan, as I type it now, is already doing a real hard "reset" with Russia both by stating his desire to work with Russia and Iran on Syria and by arresting pilots who shot Russia Su-24, "allegedly" by Gulen's "orders". OK, we know that it is all expedient political spectacle, but there is little doubt that Erdogan has emerged  from this coup empowered and with mandate and his obvious re-orientation towards Russia and, by default, with it to Eurasian Economic Union is unmistakable. The time of turbulence for Turkey is only starting but for Erdogan and his people it becomes obvious whom they should talk to and those are not people from D.C., let alone Brussels. That is much is clear now and the implications are colossal, especially when one considers that Erdogan started rapprochement with Russia BEFORE the coup and this fact speaks volumes. Let's wait till tomorrow....


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