Friday, July 8, 2016

And He Went On The...Facebook.

Really!? No, really!? The President of the United States in a face of an unfolding calamity he directly is culpable in goes on the fukking Facebook to still promote points which really tear his (???) country apart. It is beyond belief. 

‘Their lives matter’: Obama issues lengthy statement on police shootings

Mr. President, how about dropping this BS: In the meantime, the president urged Americans to resist falling “into a predictable pattern of division and political posturing,” and instead try to “come together as a nation, and keep faith with one another, in order to ensure a future where all of our children know that their lives matter.” How about taking responsibility for stoking racial tensions in already bitterly divided nation (nation???) and admitting that these are mostly your "if I had a son" thugs who perpetuate the violence, mostly black-on-black, but also going beyond the "fences" of their welfare sucking, Obama-phone using, drugs and abuse promoting, "kill whitey" rap listening hoods which are a cancer of today's America. Mr. President--you are one of those who promotes this degenerate, violent thug culture under the guise of outdated and completely corrupted "civil rights" demagoguery. But why I even waste my time, I am sure this bimbo Beyonce will provide White House with all necessary "expertise" on race relations.... RIP to Dallas Police Officers (and bystanders), my heart goes out to their families. The descent into oblivion continues....  

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