Wednesday, December 7, 2022

The Only Way To Win--Is Not To Play...

 ... the game. But, sadly, for Prof. Legutko, the smug smiles of the European Parliament's sinecure abusers who pretend that they are representatives of someone in Europe (actually, some of them are), the wiping of those smiles from their faces will not come through academic discussion and scientific reasoning. Albeit, Legutko's civic courage is appreciated. 

And here is the problem for EU in general, and Legutko in particular. When Vladimir Putin spoke in Munich in 2007 he knew what and who were behind him. By now those condescending smiles of the West's representatives in Munich have been wiped clean from their smug faces. Some, like McCain, are simply gone--I wish he was still alive to see what is happening--but the change to Europe will come (it is already coming) through venues none of those in European Parliament, Legutko including, understand. And as many observers, yours truly included, were stating this for some time--SMO is not just about eradication of 404 as a state as it exists today, but about destroying NATO and EU as such and that is what it means of "not playing the game." 

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