Friday, December 16, 2022

I Know It Is Friday... Angelo Badalamenti...

 ... and I wanted to have it with something uplifting, but this week we lost one of true cultural icons--Angelo Badalamenti has died on December 11. He and his music was always something extraordinary. Touched by genius. Just listen to soundtrack to The City of Lost Children--an eerie, nightmarish but hauntingly beautiful film. 

But it was Twin Peaks which brought him a global fame. And we lost a genius, a true cultural icon.
And, of course, this...
I live in the Twin Peaks land, literally, and it took Badalamenti's genius to capture both haunting beauty and hidden horror of the land. It is  heartbreaking such as his piece "Heartbreaking" from Lynch's masterpiece Twin Peaks: The Return in the end of  the 11th Episode. 

It is painfully beautiful, it is very Badalamenti... R.I.P., Master.

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