Thursday, December 15, 2022

Saker Nails It.


I think that we can safely say that the EU is the most docile, cowardly and loyal colony to the Empire.  Why?  Probably because all the other colonies *knew* that their colonial status will never change under the AngloZionist rule, whereas the Europeans hoped to somehow “elevate” themselves by being Uncle Shmuel’s “poodles”.  And, after all, imperialism was born in Europe (the Crusades) and not in the New World. You would think that by now, even the dumbest EU politician would realize that anti-Russians sanctions almost exclusively hurt Europe.  Yet, what do we see?  They are STILL at it and they are STILL doubling down, check out this headline: “EU set to freeze assets of RT’s parent company – media“.  Please read it, you will see that this is a direct and absolutely unapologetic crackdown on free speech.  And while doubleplusgoodthinking and politically correct Europeans love to (mis-)quote Voltaire and proudly proclaim that they too “I don’t agree with what you say but I will defend to the death your right to say it” in reality they absolutely don’t give a damn. This is nothing new.

I know Andrei Raevsky is spot on. I also have friends in EU, some of them from true elite and are thinking people--they say the same. Read the whole thing at Saker's blog. This, however, also addresses SCM's legitimate concern from discussion to previous entry in this blog.

We all are concerned. But it is European fate to be the lunch for declining US, not the other way around. This buys America some time before inevitable final departure from self-proclaimed hegemon status--it is in progress as I type it--but the fate of Europe is unenviable. The US has chances and resources for survival, however diminished in every category, Europe has not. Unless, unless, unless... and you know what should be put in this blank. But I do not want to speculate now. I agree with Andrei:

Here is, I think, the correct answer to the question I asked above: do the Europeans deserve what is coming to them next?  Considering that what is coming to them next is entirely self-inflicted, I think that irrefutable answer is a resounding “YES!”.

Difficult to disagree. 

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