Tuesday, December 6, 2022

Andrei Raevsky Posted A Good Piece...

... on Die Einsatzgruppen by Francis Lee. And it is a very good historic reminder, with the exception of the reference to a beaten to death anti-Russian myth of "genocidal" famine, aka "Holodomor" which is in the foundation of the Ukrainian national psyche. Other than that, it is a good reminder of what is the face of real Nazism and what it does.

During the Second World War in Europe, particularly in the East, special corps of mobile German extermination units known as “Einsatzgruppen” (literally “operational groups”) were recorded has having exterminated well over one million civilians, primarily in mass shootings in the greater Soviet Union and also included the Baltics, Romania, and Poland. Whenever Nazi Germany’s army marched East it immediately occupied and ethnically cleansed and secured the newly seized territories. Their principal tasks were to identify and neutralize potential enemies to German rule, seizing important sites, preventing sabotage, recruiting collaborators, and establishing intelligence networks. The Einsatzgruppen – see the glossary below – was principally charged with this grisly task. They also killed some ‘unreliable’ civilians who were perceived as their enemies. Together with Einsatzgruppen various other units included the Waffen SS, Order Police, and local collaborators who ‘liquidated’ thousands of Jews and tens of thousands of members of the Polish elites.

I really suggest to read the piece in order to connect two simple dots between Nazism of WW II and modern former Ukraine. 

Update: Since the debate rages about Europe's past. I post it again. It is practically a documentary. Arguably the greatest war movie ever made.  

Just remember, Ukrainian Banderites were a very active part of it, and they still are. For some herpes who are "American diplomats"--it is beyond their experiences. They live off the Holocaust Industry in the US.  As do US "media".

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