Thursday, December 22, 2022

So, There Is Still Some Honor Left...

 ... and that is a hopeful sign, despite modern GOP infested with chicken-hawks and neocons, aka RINOs.  

Only 86 out of 213 Republican members of the US House of Representatives showed up to hear Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky address Congress in Washington on Wednesday, according to The Hill. The snub occurred after the House Foreign Affairs Committee narrowly rejected the proposal for an audit of military and other aid to Ukraine earlier this month. Zelensky’s visit to the US was his first trip abroad after Russia launched a military campaign in the neighboring state in late February. He thanked the US for the support and requested more heavy weapons, including tanks and aircraft. Some Republicans, however, have been demanding more transparency from the government when it comes to helping Ukraine. “Sadly, what I didn’t hear tonight was a clear explanation of where the first $50 billion we sent to support their efforts went,” Congresswoman Lauren Boebert, who attended Zelensky’s speech, said in a video message on Twitter. She said that she would “not support sending additional money to this war” until an audit was completed.

So, that's good. What is even better is this: 

The US Senate has greenlit legislation authorizing the administration of President Joe Biden to seize the American assets of Russian officials, businessmen and entities and send the proceeds to Ukraine. South Carolina Republican Senator Lindsey Graham said the change in the law would raise “billions of dollars” for Kiev. The amendment was proposed by Graham and Rhode Island Senator Sheldon Whitehouse, a Democrat. It passed unanimously and was added to a $1.7 trillion omnibus spending package, which the Senate then passed by 68 votes to 29, comfortably clearing the 60-vote threshold necessary to advance the legislation. The amendment changes US law to allow the Department of Justice to sell off the assets of “oligarchs…and other sanctioned entities,” Graham explained before the vote. “I expect over time billions of dollars in seized assets will be sent to help Ukraine,” the South Carolina lawmaker wrote on Twitter afterwards. The Department of Justice has already called on Congress to amend US law so that money confiscated from sanctioned Russians can be given to Ukraine.

Why? First, I don't see any downside to the US stealing already stolen money by what remains an active strata of Russian crooks. Second, it is an excellent demonstration of the robber nature of modern America which needs to constantly produce an emotional highs in order to cover up and spin her kinetic (emphasis on kinetic) military impotence, despite a vast nuclear arsenal.  China, this is for you--take a heed. Today, in my latest video I give a little bit of treatment of this issue:

Because even militarily insignificant delivery (when? nobody knows) of a single battery of the Patriot (PAC3 or 2) was spun by dumb US media into something radical, which is expected from people who have zero military-technological background and who do not understand that by spinning it they damage already destroyed reputation of the US weapon systems further. Especially when Russia will demonstrate video and photo evidence of this system being destroyed. Russians, however, use this spin to their own advantage to keep public (namely Western) opinion on this because PR payoff, once this Patriot is annihilated, will be huge. PsyOps 101--blow something out of proportion and then discredit it in real life by practical means (empirically), get the pop-corn and observe the butt-hurt and sore losers after that.

Vladimir Putin signing the order forbidding Gazprom from buying gas from joint ventures with Western companies, such as Wintershall DEA and OMV, for more than established by Russia price for 1,000 cubic meters (in Russian), automatically kills remnants of Western involvement into the Russian natural resources, plus shuts down a shady Western "brokerage". Many people in NYC and London are having a bad bad day. Here is the order itself (in Russian, obviously) and as they say--the revenge is best served cold. So, here we are today and this is your primer.  

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