Sunday, October 3, 2021

Really Fast Glance.

It seems that the issue with understanding the economy persists. So, what I did, I fast compiled available data, with the exception of agriculture, on crucial sectors among countries which rank high in the world to give some impression on the actual sizes of economies. 

I will never stop reiterating--economy IS energy. No energy--bid your dreams of becoming a global power goodbye, unless you secure energy supply, such as China is doing this very moment. So, highlighted in red are countries with a severe deficit of energy as represented in MTOE (Million Tons Oil Equivalent). Then I give some (only some) data on industrial sectors which matter in CINC (Composite Index of National Capability) and Barnett's famous 14 points.  Obviously, today CINC absolutely doesn't do the trick but it could be grasped even by a child that production of metals matters strategically, because without steel, aluminum or pig iron the civilization will simply grind to a halt. 

I didn't put in commercial aviation because we all know main players and there is no necessity to go over it. But especially in terms of Airbus which is a multi-nation conglomerate and in this case one needs to credit several countries, including Germany, where, as an example the integration facilities are located. But that doesn't mean that Germany out of own resources can produce serious commercial aircraft. She can't in a foreseeable future. In terms of consumer goods--those numbers are estimates of countries covering their needs out of own resources. And that's the issue here--look at EU members? Taken separately they are dwarfed by such countries as the US, Russia, not to speak of China, who dwarfs everybody else. That is why when I hear or read all those IMF or World Bank GDP ratings I smile. E.g. in fundamentals of economy Russia dwarfs Germany, not to speak of France or UK.  Moreover, Russian economy is grossly (and not without intention) undervalued, while Western economies are inflated to a grotesque degree by means of assets' value inflation and counting FIRE as part of GDP. Even good ol' PPP--Purchasing Power Parity adjuster doesn't work. That is why Military-Industrial Complex is included and there are ONLY two countries in the world capable out of own resources to produce all nomenclature of the advanced military hardware: US and Russia, with China following. France still tries to maintain her position within this exclusive club and we are yet to see where will it get her. 

I mean it when I say that using Western "economic statistics", especially in monetary form is as useless as treating cancer with aspirin. Remarkably, even aging Patrick Buchanan notes two days ago:

The Eclipse of Europe. Not only is the center of political gravity shifting from Europe to Asia, European unity seems a thing of the past.

For anyone who didn't drink the Kool-Aid of Western economism and strategic (pseudo)thought it was clear for a long time that Europe was on her downward spiral and as latest events with energy deficit have shown one cannot live on shares, abstract economic indices and outright delusional statistics. To live--one must produce. To live well--one has to have a good grasp of what good life is, a problem Western political "scientists" wrestle with without any success for a long time. One can live without latest Mercedes model, one cannot live without heat in winter and air-conditioning in summer. In the end, less expensive and no less practical Skodas or Ladas are available. In the end, there is always Toyota, or Hyundai. We live inside the ongoing collapse of the old world and evaporation of the old myths and chimeras. That is why Erdogan goes to Sochi and calls Putin his "dear friend". That is why, looking at European economies anyone with IQ higher than the room temperature wonders how do they even survive. Well, I will continue to try to elaborate on these issues to the best of my mental and physical abilities, but just take a brief look at those numbers--they tell the story. 

UPDATE: forgot to mention. The US is making a killing in Asia selling American LNG. Naturally. Now is the question: what about Europe--you know Atlantic solidarity, NATO and all that. Well, nothing personal, just business. In related news, BASF closed 40% of its operation, while UK's fertilizers industry is completely paralyzed, like completely stopped. It is all down right surreal. France now wants to government-control consumer prices...but...but what about "free market" and invisible hand?  

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