Monday, October 11, 2021

Will Russia Save Europe Again?

Yes. It is a goddamn civilizational burden Russians carry with them for centuries now. Of course, Russians will, in the end, as always be accused of being uncivilized brutes, perfidious scam and occupiers by "grateful" Europeans, but there are things one cannot avoid. Vladimir Putin is to speak at Energy meeting on the 13th (Peskov already announced that Putin will make an important announcement) and the announcement will be, most likely, about providing Europe with energy to survive the upcoming and severe winter. Human waste from western media, especially at the WSJ, are already hard at work trying to assess how much stronger Russia will become. 

Obviously, Russia is not interested in seeing Europe turning into a disaster, including dying of the whole sectors of industries which, otherwise, would have been customers for Russia's energy. But one cannot obfuscate the obvious humanitarian factor. As UK's Telegraph reports (here, in Russian, because all those shitty rags are behind the paywall) EU is considering centralized purchases of Russia's gas to assure better price.  Russian reaction to the German emercom video about how to heat oneself was both of "we told you so" and compassion. 

Analysts doubt it would make much of a difference right away, because at the moment Russia does not have a great deal to spare, but Deputy Prime Minister Alexander Novak said that even a small additional amount of exported gas could dampen what Moscow characterizes as a speculative frenzy in Europe.

And then there is China, who also goes through her motions with her amazing economic growth lacking proper planning and toying with suicidal "green" ideas. It is just that empirical proof of sheer idiocy, if not down right criminality, of those "green" ideas came that fast and early--maybe it is for the better. The United States is also on this path, and while not a massive energy supplier as Russia, the United States are bound under the present suicidal economic, cultural, educational and military polices to lose one of the last vestiges of a real income, which is allocating a moderate surplus in LNG for sale globally. 

I say, Russia has to go through motions to ease Europe's crisis but NO charity, period. There is a market price for gas, let EU pay for it after bargaining, of course. EU did it to itself, granted with the "help" of the US Fed "printing" loads of cash which now push already severe inflation into the hyperinflation territory which the US will not be able to control and the signs are all around us. Energy crisis is just one such sign. In related news, as always, American "economists" received the most useless, together with Literature and Peace, Nobel Prize in "economics"--a pseudo science in the United States.  But all this is just some partial manifestation of what I write about non-stop for years--a systemic crisis of the present economic and political system of the West which completely lost the touch with the reality and any ability to govern and is now facing the consequences.  This is just a warm-up. Things will get much more interesting in coming months.

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