Thursday, October 7, 2021


Am I supposed to laugh or cry? 
Darren Beattie, a former White House speechwriter for 45th President Donald Trump, warned China on Thursday that the US would be prepared to shed blood to ensure that the “Rainbow Flag of Diversity” flies over Taiwan. Beattie – a prominent critic of US foreign policy since his departure from the White House – posted the warning to Chinese President Xi Jinping on Twitter.“Make no mistake Xi, Americans are prepared to spend whatever blood and treasure it takes to ensure that the Rainbow Flag of Diversity, and not the Chinese flag, will fly over Taiwan,” Beattie declared, adding that the “Globalist American Empire” would do so under the guise of “freedom.”
Sure, I am already loading my weapons to go and sacrifice myself for these... whatever they are... OK, that rivals that... whatever she is... shaman who boiled bear's urine. These are American "elites". 

UPDATE: evidently this was said in jest and thus we can laugh and agree that sarcasm was memetic and precise, describing overall US foreign policy--recall Obama's snubbing Sochi Olympics precisely because of the LGBT issue, as always blown out of proportions. Here is the US Embassy in Moscow with the rainbow flag serving as a background for Old Glory. 
Evidently US diplomats and politicians do not understand humiliation and dishonor to a national flag. But then again--self-humiliation is their MO.

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