Saturday, August 21, 2021

Objective Control.

It is not difficult since modern, after 2000, air-defense complexes document hits on targets electronically and then info is shared with "customers" within network. In addition, other means--radar, optronic etc.--track hits and compile statistics. Syrians, it is known, have Polyana C4 system, capable to distribute data and control battle-space against hundreds of targets. 

Or the other set-up of terminals:

I believe Syria has namely this version (D4M1) which is capable to run at least a 14-node (air-defense systems) network. And then, there are strictly Russian means of detection and Air Defense which cover most of Syria, Lebanon and Israel. And here is the deal--Russians do not lie about Israel's strikes. Why? Time after time, Russian data from Syria in terms of tactical and operational situation was confirmed and now Russians say this: 

МОСКВА, 20 августа. /ТАСС/. Сирийские системы ПВО российского производства "Бук-М2Э" и "Панцирь-С" уничтожили 22 из 24 управляемых ракет, выпушенных истребителями ВВС Израиля по провинциям Риф Дамаск и Хомс 19 августа. Об этом сообщил журналистам заместитель руководителя российского Центра по примирению враждующих сторон в Сирии контр-адмирал Вадим Кулить. Он отметил, что 19 августа, около 23:00, шесть тактических истребителей ВВС Израиля из воздушного пространства Ливана нанесли удар 24 управляемыми ракетами по целям на территории Сирийской Арабской Республики в провинциях Риф Дамаск и Хомс. "Дежурными силами сирийских ПВО из находящихся на вооружении вооруженных сил САР комплексов российского производства "Бук-М2Э" и "Панцирь-С" уничтожено 22 ракеты. Потерь среди сирийских военнослужащих и разрушений объектов инфраструктуры нет", - сказал Кулить.

Translation: MOSCOW, August 20. / TASS /. Syrian Russian-made Buk-M2E and Pantsir-S air defense systems destroyed 22 of 24 guided missiles fired by Israeli Air Force fighters in the provinces of Rif Damascus and Homs on 19 August. This was announced to reporters by the deputy head of the Russian Center for the Reconciliation of the Warring Parties in Syria, Rear Admiral Vadim Kulit. He noted that on August 19, at about 23:00, six Israeli Air Force tactical fighters from Lebanese airspace struck 24 guided missiles on targets in the Syrian Arab Republic in the provinces of Rif Damascus and Homs. "The Syrian air defense forces on duty have destroyed 22 missiles from the Russian-made Buk-M2E and Pantsir-S complexes in service with the SAR armed forces. There are no casualties among the Syrian military personnel or destruction of infrastructure," Kulit said.

You know who enjoys those reports? And this is 92% combat effectiveness of not newest Russia-made complexes? Right! Chinese, who have a shitload of copied Russian complexes such as Buk and S-300, not to mention actual Russian-made other hi-end systems such as S-400. Israel Air Force, whose main air-to-ground weapons are Delilah and Popeye in many respects are the embodiment of the American concept of the air war, not to mention purely American weapons used by Israeli Air Force, and as such are designed form the outset against the opponent who has next to zero air defense capabilities and no air force. A defining feature of all those systems is their subsonic speed, even when sticking all those bells and whistles on them, such as "stealth", or better signal processing and counter-jamming capability, which do not resolve the main issue--their near impotence against modern, deeply-echeloned and networked air defense, which from the outset is designed against the opponent with a maximum strike capability, including supersonic velocities of its main strike means, which, incidentally, the United States doesn't have. 

Well, there you go. This is why Chinese are enjoying this. This is not to say that Syrians do not, they surely do and those legends about Syrian warriors winning hi-tech battles against Israel and the US will live on the Arab street for ages, handed down from generation to generation. In other really stunning news, Russian Defense Ministry (and you all know, that unless Shoigu didn't approve it, no fly will sit at the window) dropped a bomb yesterday:

МОСКВА, 20 августа. /ТАСС/. Сирия может быть включена в Организацию Договора о коллективной безопасности (ОДКБ), если это будет выгодно этой стране и государствам организации. Об этом сообщил начальник Главного военно-политического управления Минобороны РФ Андрей Картаполов в эфире радиостанции "Говорит Москва". "Почему бы нет? Во-первых, устав не догма, он должен отвечать непосредственно обстановке, если это будет выгодно всем, и Сирии, и партнерам по ОДКБ, я не исключаю такую возможность", - сказал Картаполов.

Translation:  MOSCOW, August 20. / TASS /. Syria can be included in the Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO), if it is beneficial for this country and the states of the organization. This was announced by the head of the Main Military-Political Directorate of the RF Ministry of Defense Andrei Kartapolov on the air of the "Moscow speaking" radio station. "Why not? Firstly, the charter is not a dogma, it must respond directly to the situation, if it is beneficial to everyone, both Syria and the CSTO are partners, I do not exclude such a possibility," Kartapolov said.

Some people in Israel and the US reached for the anti-anxiety pills. But then again, if Syrian Air Defense is capable of performing this way against the complex terrain, make your own conclusion if it will be that difficult to operate against less cluttered sea surface by modern Russian and Chinese combat ships whose radio-horizon against very low flying anti-shipping missiles is still within the 25-30 kilometer range (depending on the type of ship and elevation of its radar). Do you know what it means? It means that every anti-shipping missile currently (and in the future) deployed by NATO gives roughly 70-80 seconds for ship-borne air defense complexes to react which is plenty of time to detect, track and develop firing solution for any modern AD complex even in the event of it being completely excluded from cooperative network, which is really a very remote possibility, albeit not excluded entirely. In real modern hi-tech combat, everything moves today at high supersonic and hypersonic speeds and modern, let alone newest, air defense systems by Russia (and likely China) are designed to deal with those contingencies, not with what increasingly becomes easy targets even for Syrian Air Defense and no amount of spin in media by the so called "experts" or simply not reporting these news, can obscure this fact. 92% against such a salvo--it is an astonishing result.

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