Monday, August 16, 2021

Some Sidelined News.

Relatively sidelined, relative to a chaos in Afghanistan which now occupies all media 24/7. But life goes on and for richer customers Russia flies in Turkey an export version of SU-57E (in Russian), which will be shown at the IDEF' 21 exhibition which opens tomorrow in Istanbul. It is the 15th time that IDEF'21 is held, and it is not accidental that it will be presented in Turkey. Mr. Erdogan was already treated to SU-57 before and you remember his question to Putin, right? 

"We're Buying This One?" Turkey's Erdogan Asks Putin In Front Of Su-57 Fighter At Air Show

Something tells me, the first export contract for SU-57 could be signed with Turkey. 

I know, I know, there are many objections, some of them valid, regarding Turkey getting her hands on the top notch military technology, but remember--the name of the game is not just cash, a lot of it, and prestige, and I am sure Turkish Air Force would love to fly sexy SU-57. No, at issue here is Eurasia's colossal market and opportunities it provides for those who are involved, and you know it is always quid-pro-quo. Turks are smart people and they know big profit when they see it--forming Eurasian market offers saliva-inducing opportunities across the board--from energy, to agriculture, to transport, to aerospace. Especially after Turkey's decades-long and futile bid to join EU. Well, in Eurasia, Turks will be treated as equals and as long as Turkey behaves herself, there are plenty of rewards, not least of which is a security provided through both alliances and cutting edge military technology. 

In the end, Russians love Turkish resorts and, in a tragic event, the crew of Russian Be-200 plus Turkish engineers perished few days ago, when one of the Beriev planes, which helps to fight Turkey's immense fires, went down. Many of those fires are around Turkey's coastal resort towns, which Russian love to visit. Massive evacuations of population and vacationers took place recently there. So, in general, there is a lot what is going on there and Turks definitely appreciate Russia's help. But since we are all still in unfolding situation in Kabul, listen what Douglas Macgregor has to say to Tucker starting from 2:54. 

I warned about it for some many times, that I lost count. The worst event that could have happened to the United States was this easy swift victory over utterly incompetent Iraq's Army, which convinced always mediocre intellectually, and utterly ignorant militarily, American political-class, that they know how to fight a war. They don't, they never did, even the history they study is primarily exceptionalist propaganda and mythology. So, Macgregor basically tells it as it is. Now FOX complains the National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan never held a real job in his life, really, really? That's 99% of US media-political establishment, a bunch of freeloaders, some of them with such "degrees" as Bachelor of Science in...Home Economics. That's the background of Marsha Blackburn, a senior senator from Tennessee. I am sure that's the kind of people who fit perfectly all necessities of a current dysfunctional American state. Wait till Ph.Ds in Critical Race Theory and Ph.Ds in safe-spacing will take the helm. Boy, we will have so much fun.

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