Tuesday, August 24, 2021

Here's the News(c).

Apart from a very sad news of Charlie Watts of Rolling Stones passing away-RIP Charlie-the day started with some "bang". 

1. Borisov confirmed that construction of SSGNs of project 885M Yasen will continue beyond the number which is under current contract (in Russian): 9 subs in the first batch, 4 of them already completed or nearing completion and 5 being under construction. Per my humble opinion--a very wise decision since Yasens' performance and modernization potential are impressive. 

2. Official contract for 3M22 Zircon is signed, immediately following the signing of contract for Kinzhals (in Russian), and that is everything one needs to know about the development of Zircon--it works. 

3. First batch of serial T-14 Armata MBT has been delivered to the army and deliveries will continue in 2022. Evidently they finished polishing the system. 

4. The rest... Will see in coming days. 

Meanwhile Russia, China, Vietnam, many others do real Olympics--tank biathlon. NATO and the US have been invited many times to take part--declined. 

Some say this is the most Russian thing ever. Well, Russians love tanks, no doubt about it. It is definitely fun for participants and spectators type of sport. I will try to learn more about this robot which is the sentinel for check points Robo-C (in Russian) later. I would hate to end up in situations like these:

You knew, didn't you, that this clip was coming, right? LOL. Damn, Ronnie Cox was always such a proverbial villain in all movies.   

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