Monday, August 2, 2021

It Is Better To See Once...

than hear, or read it, constantly. Russian military trains on Chinese military equipment at the SIBU/Coordination-2021 exercises in China. Well, now you saw it. You don't need to know Russian, it is self-explanatory. 

In related news, in the latest issue of Russia's immensely influential monthly Военная Мысль (Military Thought), General-Colonel Zarudnitsky, in the article Факторы достижения победы в военных конфликтах будущего (Factors in achieving the victory in the military conflicts of the future), just dropped a bomb, of sorts, on page 41 when disclosed that Russia works on a hypersonic long-range missile Kh-95 (X-95). Huge emphasis in the article is not merely on a technological advantage, which comes from a fusion of extremely advanced weapon systems and enablers, but on moral-psychological state of the armed forces and... I am not going there at this time. 

Hm, I wonder what is this weapon since it is designed to be deployed on any Russian bomber, from TU-160(M) to upcoming PAK DA, which should be revealed to public in 2023. Russian internet went bananas in the last several hours of this news, and, as you might expect, this weapon will be the real deal, as are Kinzhal and 3M22 Zircon, which smoothly transitioned from concepts to actual working weapons. Remember, that for Russians "long-range" nowadays is a very, how to put it, impressive qualifier. I would go out on a limb here and say that 4.5-5,000 kilometers range at least, M=6+ throughout all flight, most likely. In other related news, Russia holds joint exercises with Uzbek forces and increased its contingent in Tajikistan. Well, here you are.

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