Tuesday, August 31, 2021

She Is Not Supposed To Be Around Children, Period!

Good that parents reacted. This is not to speak of the fact that she does look and behaves bat-shit crazy. There are many people like her around US schools who damage children instead of teaching them basic civics and how to be good citizens, which is a good start on the road to become educated--a function at which US public school system fails miserably, because teaching serious math, physics and chemistry requires serious skills. Unlike it is the case with Critical Race Theory, Third Wave Feminism and LGBTQ "values"--that "education" requires zero talent and knowledge. 

I am afraid though that the poison has spread in the organism of American statehood and some even see privatization of schools as the only way out.

It is simple. Privatize the schools, all of them. Then, each side can be accommodated. Will this stop all of the infighting? No. Both sides will still want to impose their desiderata on the other. But at least it will reduce tensions. No man of good will can want a civil war to take place in this country and that is where we might be headed if tensions are not reduced. It is the same with regard to divisive educational issues of lesser import: Should children all wear school uniforms? Should they be required to partake of the Pledge of Allegiance; sing the Star Spangled Banner? At what age should sports teams be inaugurated? Should sororities and fraternities be welcomed in high schools? There are not totally unreasonable arguments on both sides of all these and other such issues. The only way everyone can be accommodated is with an all-private school system.

I cannot say that I completely disagree with this point of view.  Something should be done and US public education system is utterly corrupt top bottom, and it is not just public K-12 education. American higher education, it's "humanities" programs especially, is an exhibit A of an educational schizophrenia fluctuating between equally extreme concepts of "liberal left" (which is not really left) and laissez-faire fundamentalism. The system is imploding. We can only speculate about the number of teachers and professors with obvious mental issues populating today what used to be a respectable public education system. Not any more.

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