Wednesday, March 18, 2020

No Shit! Pardon My French.

Somebody is "asking taboo questions"? Taboo? This must have been the FIRST question.  
At this stage I am beginning to get a taboo idea. I still may turn out to be wrong, of course. But far from counting economic (economy was going to hell anyway) and political impact, one has to deal with verifiable data and that was in a very short supply. How many people are actually infected? We do not know this number, not at all. What is the mortality rate then, a real one? 
“Is it overkill?” he frequently asks himself. He is not certain. But if he weren’t quarantined, he acknowledged that he might drop in on his elderly parents, who are at higher risk of suffering the effects of the coronavirus. “We could look back at this time in four months and say, ‘We did the right thing’ — or we could say ‘That was silly,’” he said in an interview. Then he added one more likely scenario: “Or we might never know.”
Yes, we might never know. Israeli doctors are now speaking out. It is in Russian, but Google Translate is two clicks away.  
Translation:  Coronavirus pandemic progresses much easier, than was originally thought, quarantine measures allow to relieve load on healthcare system, leading Israeli medics stated in the interview to Ria. 

Read the whole thing, it will change your perceptions. Say what you will about Israel, by their medics and bio-research are top of the line, possibly top three in the world.  Israelis insist that actual mortality rate is much lower than it was reported from China. Yes, quarantine is good but look at the numbers again. It also becomes increasingly clear, even on the anecdotal level, that main demographics affected are really old people with a host of medical issues. Those people also have full right for a fighting chance for their life, same as people with deadly deceases such as cancer. But:
How do you think I am supposed to think when the stream on YouTube I linked to started on 29 January 2020. We are almost 50 days into this pandemic. At 17:00 PST, this day of March 18, we are at 219,000 (most likely many times more in reality) cases with 8,956 deaths, with China, Italy, Iran and Spain being main contributors to this sad count, with China being by far (36% of all deaths) the largest contributor to this statistics. Make your own conclusions or find a statement to Fox few days ago (easy to do) by US Surgeon General in which he states, and I almost quote:"By the end of this pandemic (he was talking about the United States) we will have fewer Covis-19 infected people than the number of people who die every year from seasonal flu." But what does he really know, right? He is govmint and only a Surgeon General. What a loser, right? Currently, the United States is at 9,261 cases with 150 deaths and it seems that overwhelming majority of those are old and very chronically sick people. I have a taboo idea which I may share with, but it has to wait, I need to see more data.   

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