Friday, March 6, 2020

Friday Entr'acte (Intermission).

It was a very busy and hard week for me and I am taking Friday earlier with my most favorite Soviet children's humor TV series Yeralash (mess, mishmash etc.) with the title "Intermission" (Russians use Entre'acte directly as French do). It is about schoolkids attending opera performance to improve their cultural level. Even without knowing Russian language one will have little trouble understanding the only phrase in this piece: this is not a theater, this is-circus. This is my most favorite of them all;))

So, I will be adding things (hopefully) throughout the evening;))  

They were prescient. I recall 1980.
Buy the fake and sell what's real
What's this pain here in my chest?
Maybe I should take a rest

This was an awesome album. I have it (and another one, too). 

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