Wednesday, March 18, 2020

You Are Fired!

I would love to say this to all US and EU "credit rating" agencies. Those all know-nothing losers, staffed with ignoramuses who do not know shit from shinola, let alone understand how REAL (read my syllables: RE-AL) economy works.  Their own "credit rating" is "Junk" and they are all full o'shit frauds. Boy, did I want to say this for a long time! All their "analysts" are economic ignoramuses who never held a real job in their life and never ran real serious productive business. Yet, this bunch positioned itself as someone who can pass judgements on others while having no idea how true markets operate and what really matters in real world--a hint, it is "slightly" more complex than just a balance sheets' numbers or giving an "A" credit rating to fraudulent financial corporations, producing nothing but snake oil. I know the time is coming for them when they will hear: "You are fired!" I think same call should be heard by all Western MSM, but we knew that they were whores anyway. 

I am really bizarrely reminded of the old Maxim Gorky's poem The Song of the Stormy Petrel.  For me, being largely a conservative man, any kind of revolutionary change is against my very nature, but I also understand that things CAN NOT continue as they were and they WILL NOT continue as usual, because, as I stated earlier today, it is a physical impossibility. Liberalism is dead. It was dead for some time, with its corpse being hidden behind the curtain of illusion. I would love to see all this world of Greta Thunbergs, "cultural Marxists" (hint, they are not Marxists), bat shit crazy feminists, arrogant stock brokers, even more arrogant in their sheer stupidity celebrities and political prostitutes go to hell and stay there. Maybe it is the only way normality, economic, human, cultural, financial, geopolitical may prevail. Through trials. So, good riddance: 

            -Let the tempest come strike harder!   

I guess that puts an end to my dream of buying used (almost new) RV and traveling America's (as in US and Canada) shores (and inland) while contemplating a book, a novel, maybe. At least for now. I, frankly, don't see the United States "getting richer" for some time and even future recovery is predicated on such a huge list of imperatives that I may start reorienting myself away from my third book's guiding idea and substituting this idea with a new one.  

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