Tuesday, March 31, 2020

New Book.

I reached an agreement in principle with Clarity Press to start writing my third book. This one will be about what is known as geopolitics, geoeconomics and culture.  But don't expect it fast:

1. I need to take account of what unfolds in a front of us and this process inevitably will be throwing curved balls at any plans or ideas I wanted to express initially. So, many corrections and adjustments to manuscript thus become inevitable;

2. The process will take a longer research, especially in geoeconomic sense and that involves a lot of reading and processing of information; 

3. This book should be considerably "thicker", that is larger, than my previous two books. I promise very little, if any, math.

So, this means a somewhat reduced posting (nothing drastic, really) at this blog. I'll try to keep everything normal (usual) as much as I can. Some of the points of this upcoming book you are already well acquainted with, others will require additional development and elaboration. So, it looks like I will be getting myself back into the writer's hell (or agony) trying to collect my thoughts and experiences for greater public awareness.

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