Monday, March 23, 2020

Unsung Heroes.

Yeah, I know--those economic and military monsters such as China and Russia trying to help, but small Cuba, ever-sanctioned and ever-hated in the US (like Russia), they are those unsung heroes of the fight against Covid-19. They have to be honored as true humanitarians who, despite being vilified non-stop, just sent their doctors to help Italy.  Here is Cuban delegation of 37 doctors and 15 nurses arriving in Milan. 
Or from Al Jazeera. 

In related topic. I am wondering why wouldn't those European "leaders" ask for help from their favorite "humanitarians" from White Helmets "organization". Those "specialists" are really good at fighting all kinds of WMDs, you know those Syrian and Russian chemical attacks on hospitals, children and cute Syrian puppies and baby penguins. I think EU, and especially UK, should enroll them in helping with Covid-19. White Helmets have shown themselves an excellent British-ran Jihad propaganda outlet, so, I am sure, they will be willing to lend their helping hand in combatting this virus in UK. They sure have the "expertise". I would suggest White Helmets start helping The Guardian personnel to survive the virus. Granted, that a volume of filth concentrated in there can only be helped by bulldozing the whole damn thing. Still, interesting idea.

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