Wednesday, January 8, 2020

First Impression.

From what I gather so far, it seems that Iran went for "capability demonstration" strikes on US bases in Iraq. Considering the fact that statements about Iranian missile forces getting into battle mode were made publicly at least 24 hours in advance, that gave ample time for US personnel to "take cover". It will take some time before actual information on the damage will trickle down into public domain, but one fact is absolutely clear. Bernhard of MOA is spot on with his assessment: 
Exactly. Moreover, and that is extremely important, if to believe a number of sources, not only the Al Assad base:
And rumor has it that salvos were not only by intermediate range ballistic missiles but cruise missiles too. Apart from obvious and well justified statement of the simple operational fact that Iran can reach anywhere in the region, it is also clear that American Air Defense is not going to be any factor in case of a larger (hopefully not) conflict and the US military for the first time in its post-WW II history finds itself in uncharted territory of its rear and staging areas being merely fat and prestigious targets. As I write in my latest book:
In general, Western elites have huge issues of grasping the realities of a missile age. And, as the above example shows, it seems they will fail to do so in the future, still viewing the possibility of a conventional conflagration between NATO and Russia as very distant from any damage to London, Brussels or Washington D.C. Nothing could be further from the truth but that is what continues to constitute a main obstacle for many NATO and Pentagon planners—the myth of a completely secure rear in a conventional scenario.
Iran just demonstrated that she can hit whatever she wanted, whenever she wanted and that she has more than ample means to do so. As was stated on many occasions by me--Iran IS NOT Iraq. So, Donald Trump has now an option--to deescalate immediately and fire most of his "National Security" team, especially kicking out this cretin Pompeo. I have a suggestion to Trump, if he wants to stay not impeached and not convicted and to have at least some chance to get re-elected: hire both Douglas Macgregor as your National Security Adviser and make Tucker Carlson your Secretary of the State. How about that? Otherwise, we all may get a very real war which WILL make Vietnam look like a summer day picnic by comparison. Iranians are not bluffing here, they, however, definitely called Trump and his cabal of imbeciles' bluff. You all know what that means. So, if this semi-literate bloviating creep Hannnity thinks that:
I have some news for this moron--yes, this is exactly not only what they think, they KNOW that they can do this and so does Pentagon. But Hannity's, who dropped out of university and surely would have difficulty learning basics of Operational Theory doesn't know that. It is expected from a guy who started his adult life by running house painting business (nothing wrong with that) before moving into the BS, I am sorry, talk radio--ample "qualifications" for strategic planning (/sarc). 
In related, positive and peaceful, news Russia and Turkey officially launched the Turkstream pipeline. Ah, yes, the butt-hurt is already palpable. The Suez Moment in slow motion. If we all avert the war--there will be a good reason to light up a cigar and pour a shot or five of Jack on the rocks. At least, let's hope.   

UPDATE: Summary:
Our missiles are big, powerful, accurate, lethal and fast...The fact that we have this great military and equipment, however, does not mean that we have to use it.
Yes, US missiles are big (what's the deal with him constantly underscoring this fact, wink, wink), they are accurate and fast--so let's settle on that but I support his message: agree, it absolutely doesn't mean that US has to use it. Back away from this mess and, please, purge your Cabinet of all kind of creeps who are yearning to God Damn start Armageddon and are waiting for Rupture because they are not really Christians but some fvcked up totalitarian cult which may get us all killed. And yes, Russia, whose active role in averting a disaster will be acknowledged soon will be laughing all the way to the bank.   

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