Monday, November 26, 2018

Poroshenko's Gambit.

I know, some people are waiting for my response to Ukraine's Azov Sea provocation. OK, here it is--Poroshenko, whose approval rating in Ukraine is about, what, 10% or so, got his wish and declared a Martial Law. LOL. Ukrainian "democracy" in a full swing and, most likely, no elections. Not that they mean anything in Ukraine. The rest? Sergei Viktorovich, help, please. Because I am not interested in discussing the abyss which separates Ukraine's "fleet" and competencies, quality and capability of Russian Coast Guard and other forces around Azov Sea. It is akin to comparing VW Beetle with T-90 tank. The result of clash is easily predictable. 

Update: Another wannabe idiot economist from Atlantic Council pretends that he is Chester Nimitz or, the least, Arleigh Burke.
A senior fellow at the pro-NATO Atlantic Council has said the US should send naval ships into the Sea of Azov to guarantee it stays open after a skirmish between Russian and Ukrainian ships. Only problem is, that would be illegal.
Since when all those amateurs, such as blank Blank or this Aslund guy who has zero qualifications to control a freaking 10-foot row boat, have competencies to call for any military responses? Can they, Goddamn, get back under their pretentious useless "humanities" degrees stones and continue to pretend that they have valuable skills. I wonder, how this Aslund creep imagines this whole US Navy "sending ships" to the Azov Sea. I omit, of course, a larger issue of the aviation of Russia's Southern Military District. Imbecile. That's, my friends, is the "level" of American think-tankdom and academe.  

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