Friday, November 2, 2018

Magical Thniking In Magical Land.

Utah's own Deseret News published yesterday a long overview of US Ambassador to Russia, also Utah's very own, John Huntsman's life as an ambassador in Moscow. As expected, it is filled with ad nauseam propaganda cliches about "democracy", "Russian meddling" and other journo fantasies about both United States and Russia. But the thing which attracted attention in Russia was this passage:
For those who need semantics of "intractable", here is Merriam-Webster:
not easily governed, managed, or directed; not easily manipulated or shaped  
Immediate question which arises is: what did he expect? The United States, by circumstances and Russian naivete, were given about 20 years to show everyone what this promised New World Order is going to look like. The presentation is over, everyone saw it. US "World Order" means: "humanitarian bombings", support of terrorism, color revolutions, violent invasions, millions of people killed, maimed, displaced, economic sanctions and degenerate culture being exported everywhere among many other things. Add here a total elimination of diplomacy as a statecraft in the US, represented by grossly under-educated and uncultured aggressive people, and... Well, did Mr.Huntsman study Russian history? Obviously not. In fact, John Huntsman is case in point of this US foreign, so called, policy fallacy. He is a specialist in China, he speaks Chinese, and moving him to Russia, a country with radically different from China's history, culture and psychology is akin to asking a surgeon design a jet aircraft. The record of US "diplomacy" (euphemism for postal service delivering US ultimatums) is easily accessible, the same as Trump's ideas on international relations--a sublimation of NYC real estate business experience. 

Now, Mr. Huntsman has his face soured when he doesn't get his way. It is, of course, a truism in current US magical thinking that everybody in Russia admires the US, or is desperate for US economic aid--another made up shit from Washington, Russians were really surprised to learn about this from Trump--the idea that Russia is not Iraq, or even Iran, and is a global power with her own national interests somehow escapes US establishment. Of course they are frustrated, it is so difficult to make those nasty Russkies dance under the Washington's tune after a decade of 1990s having own stooges in Kremlin, that faces do sour. My suggestion to Mr. Ambassador would be, of course, to get acquainted with the real Russia, her real economy, her real defense capabilities, her real people--maybe it will help relieve the souring from Russian intractability. I do not hold my breath, though. After all, it is a magical thinking in the magical land of Russia which exists only in the fantasies of US "diplomats".

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