Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Nothing Unexpected.

As was expected, Donald Trump ended the Iran "Nuclear Deal", thus confirming that US is run by neocons and, generally, by Israel. Obviously, more nations will begin to think twice (if not more) before signing any agreements with the US since they are not worth the paper they are printed on--but that is not really the news anymore.  As one observer put a dramatic spin on the news:

I don't know under what stone this guy was living before but the only question which one is forced to ask is this: America has credibility? I think the "credibility" thing stopped being considered in US political top since Yugoslavia  1999, with it this credibility simply evaporated after Iraq's invasion in 2003. What is interesting in all this, however, is the fact of what is Iran going to do now? For those who think that Iran and Russia have allied relations--they better check their facts. Those relations are not easy and current Iranian top is rather explicitly reserved towards Russia when talks about real money begin. Obviously, till now Iran was very much leaning towards European products and manufacturers. 

Now, that a formal casus belli for Israel's and Saudi (that is US) war (whatever that war might be) on Iran begins to slowly take shape, I want to return to what I wrote 9 months ago:
Well, now Iran gets involved one way or another in a first place and it will be up to Russia, not even China, to ensure that Iran remains standing. Does Israel want to start a land campaign in Syria? I don't know, she sure as hell, together with Saudis, wants to fight to the last American soldier (and pilot) against Iran and here we have to wait and see what Bibi has to say to Putin tomorrow after Victory Day Parade in Moscow.  In related news, US is about to impose another round of sanctions on Russia's Military Industrial Complex--all that, together with killing Iran Deal, despite objections of... get this... James Mattis. Who would have known that the only realist in Trump's Administration will be a combat general with a moniker of a "Mad Dog". Mattis should seriously consider transfer of this title to Mr. Bolton or Nikki Hailey. With Hailey, of course, there will be some issue with appropriate conjugation of the term "Dog", if you know what I mean. 

Meanwhile, judging by Putin's remarks to State Duma today after the vote for confirmation of Medvedev as a Prime Minister, one should have very little doubt where this whole spectacle in D.C. is going since Putin was blunt--Russia is going to end US Dollar in own economy. It also seems that all those talks about US-Russian summit should be put to rest. Meanwhile, May 9 is coming to Russia and this song will be played, and people will stand to it and sing all over Russia in millions tomorrow. 

With a Victory Day you all.  

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