Thursday, May 10, 2018

Ha, It Was An Inerview After All.

I had a lively exchange with Yvonne Lorenzo on UNZ for a duration of some time recently and Yvonne framed our exchange in a form of interview which she posted on LewRockvell site. Here are some excerpts from Yvonne's piece titled Immortal Regiment. I am also very thankful to Yvonne for such a flattering introduction to my rather mostly unremarkable persona. 
While I’ve never met or spoken to a Russian on any of these topics face-to-face, thanks to Ron Unz’s site and the kindness of Andrei Martyanov, I was able to address questions and have a dialog with someone knowledgeable, a scholar and a gentleman and an officer, who had the patience to respond to me. I wanted to share some of his responses that are posted on 
Thank you, Yvonne, again for characterizing me a better man than I am, but especially for documenting some points which otherwise could have disappeared in the vast ocean of discussion boards' threads. Here are some of those points:
Question: Are all the world’s leaders literally or figuratively in league with the devil and we peons are being set up for mass murder?
Andrei Martyanov: No. Not all “leaders” are in the league with the devil and there are many objective factors which influence their behavior. Serious historians (I underscore that–serious) study those fundamental laws and most of them (laws) are well-known and represent no secret whatsoever. We simply observe today a collapse of the liberal world-order, including its economic system (aka liberal capitalism, FIRE economy etc.) which doesn’t work (it never did) and for people who know those laws a lot what is happening today is not a secret, all kinds external, outward manifestations such as diplomatic protocols notwithstanding. It is a turbulent time and it is only natural for many people to react to something which is not really that significant. This is apart from the fact that real diplomacy is done behind tightly closed doors.
Question: The majority of Russians (from what I read on the Saker and observe) are not spiritual, but perhaps more of the population [is] than Americans.
Andrei Martyanov: What goes in Russia under the title of “spirituality” (Duhovnost’) is much more complex phenomenon than what it is in the West which is a euphemism for some kind of religiosity. I underscored many times–the way Russian “history” is written and Russian culture is represented in the West, especially in US, it is a parody, a caricature. Russian spirituality is extremely complex and is, obviously, partially anchored in Orthodoxy in which salvation is for Mir (Community) is what matters really in the end. To understand this re-emerging, in new form, spirituality, without knowing (I underscore–knowing, not being “informed”) Russia’s 20th  Century history is impossible. I may only suggest again to watch Immortal Regiment March on May 9. Here are 800,000 marching in Moscow last year. This year they expect 1 million +.

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