Tuesday, April 10, 2018

It Would Have Been Hilarious, If Not For...

First, Macron today started his elaborate verbal dance. Now, drum roll... drum roll and still rolling and drumming (take a seat)--now UK is suddenly ready to do its due diligence. I kid you not. Theresa May suddenly needs "more evidence" of chemical "attack" in Douma. A rather dramatic turnaround for a government which just weeks ago accused Russia of most likely food-related (if any at all) "poisoning" of Skripals by deadly military-grade chemical "weapon". As Times reports:
Where this world is coming to? But reality is very simple--Russia is not backing down, at least I sense so far no indication of that, and that, in case of Trump giving an order to attack Damascus or Khmeimim (or Tartus), may mean a very simple initial combat combination--Russia will retaliate by sinking first NON-US asset, such as Royal Navy or Marine Nationale's destroyer or whatever those mighty lap dogs will contribute to US military "effort" in "taming" Russia. Let US sort it out after that. Trump, obviously, has no idea what is he dealing with, nor does his immediate circle, populated mostly by draft-dodgers such as Bolton or psychotic former waste management company CFO Haley. Pompeo? I don't know--the guy is, evidently, a classic case of a yes-man and boss' pleaser. Now, this bunch ran themselves, due to Trump's propensity for mindless grandiose gestures and statements, into the strategic dead-end. 

They cannot extricate themselves from this dead-end without losing face or without starting WW III, but then it wouldn't matter anyway. That is unless Moscow accommodates a bare face saving minimum for Trump, who already proved that he is not fit to be the president of the nuclear state, albeit present and former Trumpsters may find solace in the fact that nobody in Washington is. So, here we are with US NATO allies getting a little bit wobbly, since they begin to understand that they may get their asses burned, literally, and stones rearranged already in their own nations just because they bought their own BS and because the guy in the White House (and his "team") thinks he is a great statesman and, probably, is worthy of generalissimo rank. Of course, we can always count in all this pathetic spectacle on Theresa May as scripted doubts-initiator who will take the fall but will, in a sacrifice for the allied "cause", "make" Trump to back down. If that is the case, then there is especially no reason for Putin to have any meeting with these people. 

Macron today, of course, specifically stated that, no matter what, his visit to Moscow is absolutely on and he is coming. That is in the breaks between him assuring Moscow that no "regime's allies" will be targeted or harmed. Hey, we get the script--it is written by amateurs and looks pathetic but the game is on. Nobody made Trump to base his crucial national security global decisions on FOX News reports and twits by deranged US "journos", nobody made UK to stage a moronic spectacle with Skripals. This was and is all of purely domestic sheer idiotic making--so, if Trump is really hell-bent on seeing a REAL war coming and then escalating it to possibly nuclear exchange (can you imagine how real estate prices will drop in Foggy Bottom), he surely qualifies for that. The rest? I think that the guy is simply dangerous and is unfit--he does think that this all is a show-business. I also have a feeling that he is very nervous now because it only now may begin to dawn on him that he may have stepped into a rather serious and stinky trouble. So, here we are, with principled and international law observant UK asking for (let me go, please...) proper investigation in what is a classic false flag by, most likely, Israel, Saudi Arabia and, UK? Is war between Russia and US possible? Absolutely! How probable? Well, I wish I knew what is going on between Russian and American militaries through their channels. I know some in Pentagon are desperate for real fight, after all adrenaline from bombing helpless incompetent Arab militaries or weddings in Afghanistan wears off faster and faster.  Like that proverbial Jeanna, who breaks the clock... Hey, at least Aria song's Jeanna was an honest hard working prostitute--a rather honorable line of work all things considered today. 

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