Friday, April 13, 2018

It Was Known All Along, Just Never Said Publicly. It Changed Now.

The issue, however, is this: there is no denial that UK and its "intelligence" services were suspected in all these false flags be them hapless Skripals or Douma "chemical attack". But when Russia's Defense Ministry states this:
Unlike pathetic and hollow spectacle by London, it means Russia has real proof and the gloves started to come off. Could those rumors that Syrians (or Russians) hold couple of SAS POWs from Eastern Ghuta be true then? There are possible ramifications for... drum roll Steele and his BS "dossier" which may also factor mightily into all of that. But I think, Russia also just pointed out that if, God forbids, push comes to shove--first targets which will be shot down or sunk will be British ones. Let those ass-holes and war-criminals from 10 Downing Street sort it out after that. UK was clearly identified as a power behind Syria's atrocity and this may be just the start.

UPDATE: "Freedom" of speech in UK. British Armed Forces officer is cut  off the the air for speaking competent truth. 

In related today's news from UK and now from the US too: 


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