Sunday, April 8, 2018

Haven't We All Been Through This Before?

Of course we were. This time, however, it may end up really badly and there is a reason Russia deployed newly upgraded Il-38 N with Novella ASW suite to Khmeimim. The pattern is well established: US financed and supported jihadists, well, terrorists, let's drop any pretense here, set up Skripal-type false flag provocation and indignant democratic and humanist USA attacks--this is MO. DJT, certainly, is ready to withdraw from Syria... wait, what? Ah, here it is--also a pattern.

Trump calls out Putin for backing 'Animal Assad' in Syria

You see, it is Putin who supports "animals" in accordance to POTUS, not the United States which has a "stellar" record of supporting Islamic terrorism. But what do we know, really. Reality, of course, is much simpler than some "chemical attack" by desperate "democratic" terrorists in remaining pockets at Ghuta and dawning realization in Pentagon that victory in Syria which has "made in Russia" labels all over it is simply unacceptable for the nation which thinks itself "indispensable" and "exceptional", especially in military field. Obviously that is one of the reasons US generals who are good only at blowing shit up with impunity are so desperate to try Russia. They may yet get their chance. After all, according to POTUS Russia is directly responsible for the latest chemical attack.

But that also puts the issue of this much talked about summit between Putin and Trump in prospective--there is no need for one, since it will be Putin's waste of time and, usually, there is no point negotiating with people who constantly lie, cheat, behave themselves as hysterical maidens and who, certainly, have no idea, top bottom in US establishment, what is the nature of military power and of its application. In other words, the US is not agreement-worthy, no matter who occupies the White House, even if it is reincarnation of  Gandhi. Judging by the published two days ago photos by Russia's Defense Ministry of Raqqa, which is simply flattened by so called anti-ISIS coalition the result is always the same for anyone who dares to disagree. So, the US is getting ready to attack Syria. Russia is getting ready to repulse it. The lines have been drawn.

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