Wednesday, April 11, 2018

48 Hours Expired, Still Tick-Tock, Tick-Tock...

Meanwhile Russia sent yet another signal that she is not intimidated--delegation of Russia's Duma MPs departed to Syria to see President Assad (in Russian). Putin spoke with Bibi too in the last couple of hours and mighty Israel stated that she will not allow Iran to get a foothold in Syria (in Russian). It is, obviously, not for Israel to decide but when she has whole US Congress and White House working for her, sure, one may lose a bit of reference points. Hey, even POTUS serves Israel. Well, Israel and Saudi Arabia, of course. 

Trump, obviously, enters now this pre-action pause which is a very tricky thing--the more he delays the action the worst it becomes for him and establishment. Can Pentagon reverse his actions? I don't know who really runs affairs in America anymore, but, hey Mattis has a chance to show himself a good professional and a sensible politician, even a statesman. Those promised by Trump 24-48 hours have long since expired. It is also remarkable that suddenly Sarah Sanders, a spokeswoman for White House just now announces at her briefing that POTUS actually is looking for means other than missile strikes to deal with Syria (in Russian from Ria). Moreover, she stated that the decision hasn't been made yet

The inevitable question is this--who in their mind would want to deal with this kind of people? As someone on Colonel Lang's blog asked about Putin and I responded, I will repeat it here. As famous Russian military journalist Vlad Shurigin correctly stated prior to Russia's presidential elections on March 18, Russia was not electing a President, she was electing a Supreme Commander. This is not the first time when Russia did it, tacitly or through democratic procedure. On the US side, however, I may throw in a theory--Trump should understand that starting any confrontation with Russia he may actually accelerate greatly the end of his presidency even if the world in general, and US in particular survive this ordeal. Impeachment? Possibly. But who knows how he may be removed against the background of the threat of the escalation to a nuclear threshold. In the end--nobody made him twit this morning what could be the abrupt end of what remains of Pax Americana.  Zug Zwang, tick-tock, tick-tock.

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