Friday, April 27, 2018


I am so sick and tired of this global BS which is being unloaded on all of us daily with the speed of a Bullet Train, that this news were a delight to read:

                         ABBA Has 2 New Songs!

Mark Steyn was somewhat condescending to them when described them, but he did strike a gold with what is highlighted in yellow: 

That's the 1974 Eurovision winner from a four-Swede pop combo called Abba. In the years that followed, they were the country's second highest money earner after Volvo. But, globally speaking, "Waterloo" was their Waterloo – from the Duke of Wellington's perspective, I mean. It put them on the map, winning them the big prize from the protean pan-European institution, and still the least worst functioning. The song represents the high watermark, or the high Waterloo mark, of European unity. Not for nothing did former EU Commissioner Chris Patten, the late Swedish Foreign Minister Anna Lindh and the Deputy French Foreign Minister Charles Josselin perform a ten-minute Abba medley at the 2000 Asia Regional Forum in Bangkok. As an artifact of European identity, the group's first continent-wide hit is strangely emblematic:

Obviously, Steyn, after that goes for the jugular with his grandiose in its falsity statement that:

In 1945, Europe was in ruins, America had won the war, and, if the Continentals weren't exactly promising to love the Yanks forevermore, they knew that their fate was to be with them, and they couldn't escape even if they wanted to. The US security umbrella and the Eurovision Song Contest both date back to the immediate post-war period. The idea was to help build a continent in which you could sing "Waterloo" rather than fight it, and, if in their excessive generosity the Americans accelerated the Europeans' inclination to softness and decadence, well, it's not their problem, and the Euros might have seen it coming.

There is a lot to be discussed here, especially about the "fate" which is directly responsible for contemporary moral and social degeneracy of Europe, which is currently being groomed for American economic consumption with further European decline, but never mind--it is purely West's deal and let Europeans eat their pie. Yet, ABBA, indeed, were a musical and visual delight which was profoundly European, with minimal blues influences, and with enormous references to Scandinavian Folk and, in general, European Classic Musical tradition. That is how they came across everywhere, with their albums and tapes going like crazy in Soviet music stores in 1970s and ABBA's songs blaring from every single Soviet apartment block window in Summer. 

There was a lot to be admired and how many pillows experienced rough teenage sex, because of two Swedish (actually, Frida is Norwegian) dolls who redefined what hot is, may never be known. But ABBA were and still remain those Sirens whose music stood the test of time and continues to charm and delight, especially against the background of contemporary plastic mass-produced talentless "stars", most of whom can not even sing, forget writing a good song. Moreover, forget them writing something which becomes immortal classics, as ABBA did. In the end--it is not a health hazard to become a bit nostalgic to a true gem of a music. After all, today is Friday. 

So, I say thank you for the music!

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