Wednesday, April 11, 2018

This Is A Peculiar Psychiatric Twist.

My take on that is that Trump finally ran himself into the corner, with the help of neocons, of course, and now we observe purely psychiatric manifestations of a man who is becoming wobbly and scared. Like a child who accidentally sets own house on fire and slowly begins to realize what he just did.

He simultaneously proceeds with the assertion (a very ignorant one--but then again, as I stated, this whole mess is not about Syria) that Russians are just sleeping and dreaming about how benevolent US will come and help Russia with her economy, which US desperately tries, without any success, to destroy. 

At this stage one must be really concerned with two things:

1. The actual scale of a delusion in Trump Administration in anything regarding Russia;

2. Mental health of POTUS who acts as a teenage bully in the school yard against the other guy who is armed with 12-gauge Mossberg shotgun. 

Yeah, let's stop arms race but can we, please, evaluate Donald Trump for mental adequacy first? In the same time, it should be understood, that Trump here is merely a symptom of a much larger systemic problem with US foreign and military policies, which are conducted by amateurs. At least Pentagon still continues to emit some rays of common sense and of understanding of the situation.

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