Sunday, April 22, 2018

So Cute.

This is from Junior Senator from Colorado Cory Gardner, with him developing "his" idea of Russia being sponsor of terrorism and evil incarnate in his New York Times piece. Generally, the United States declared a full blown war, which is still not going hot because of Russia's very real, not virtual, military capability, on Russia and Gardner's "opinion" is shared by majority of US Congress and US main-stream media. Cory Gardner being, and you may have guessed it already, a full blown political free-loader with degree in political "science" and a lawyer, obviously speaks not for himself. He is too dumb and ignorant to have a grasp of real global situation--a defining feature of most people in contemporary Washington D.C., but that brings us to the question of Russia's public debate, ongoing since 2014, about the necessity to reduce combined West to merely necessary evil in Russian foreign relations and here I have to follow an obvious trend in Russia which is increasingly anti-"Western" (quotation marks are deliberate here) and rightly so. 

There is nothing to discuss and there are nobody to discuss  anything of any significance with in the American political top. Kremlin knows this. So, when such war-monger as Senator Corker shoots out a platitude such as this:
I have some news for him: there are NO, literally, NO politicos of any real influence in D.C. today who are capable of any kind of even remotely competent "calculations". Bar some few people, such as Mattis, who may grasp what is going on in purely military terms, the rest are precisely the type of people bound for "miscalculation" and they are literally living this miscalculation mode non-stop. So, how then one starts "negotiating" with the mad house populated with delusional patients? In the end, Russia will have to deal with lawsuit filed against her by US Democratic Party (it is about the same level of legitimacy as suing Iran for "perpetrating" 9-11), and with further decline of already completely wrecked US-Russian relations.        

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