Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Teresa May As A Symptom.

People started asking me about this whole, obviously false flag, situation with former GRU spook's and his daughter's poisoning. Ziad asked me next:

Judging by Theresa May's public accusation of Russian responsibility for an act of terrorism using chemical agent and injuring bystanders (all boxes are ticked) I am not hopeful that Putin's speech of March 1st has had the desired effect. If anything, it seems to have convinced them that they have to fight Russia now rather than 10 years from now. Initially I was hopeful that the white house was trying to deescalate matters, but then Tillerson jumped in with both feet beside the Brits.

 I will start from afar. Here is Valery Gerasimov's statement today and I quote:

Do you feel the difference? As I stated somewhere earlier this week, it seems that someone flipped the switch and it is not the United States, let alone some secondary derivative US lap dog power as UK.  In this case yesterday's piece of famous Russian-Armenian political analyst, and renown Moscow Institute of International Relations (MGIMO) professor, Andranik Migranyan at Ria.Ru is very symptomatic. Its title speaks for itself: Why Trump's Revolution Is Bound To Fail (in Russian). In it Migranyan states well known to anybody with a half-brain obvious fact--it is over for Trump as independent US President and as an agent of such a needed change for the US. Trump got drowned by both the US political system and corruption and incompetence of American "elites". As I wrote last August when Trump was effectively stripped of his rights to formulate more-or-less sane policy towards Russia by US Congress:
Now that Donald Trump lost his most important battle so far (no, it is not about Russia's sanctions, it is about Executive Branch conduct of US foreign policy) and was stripped of powers he was elected to exercise, we need to talk about... Putin.

Moscow now has a clear idea that there is nobody to talk to in Washington, let alone in London which is nothing more than a proxy and a lightning rod for hysteria which completely engulfed "exceptional" elites. Russia's presidential elections and upcoming World Cup are the last, in inflamed neocon imagination, "pressure" points of influence on Russia. Well, that and Ukraine. Yes, they still think that, albeit increasingly it looks like acts of utter desperation. Anything goes for them in this case. False flag by poisoning yet another former Russian turncoat? Sure. Chemical  weapons false flag in Syria? Absolutely. Do they want a hot war with Russia? Some certainly do. Do they understand what they wish for? No, American elites in general have no grasp of the nature of military power and of its application. But DO they feel that they are going down? Absolutely. All of them. Some, indeed, merely feel that, others already begin to understand. Hence the hysteria. 

In their view something has to be done, even if risking a war, to prevent or even slow down a complete disintegration of the Pax Americana and the so called liberal world order which is happening in a front of our eyes. Be it demonstrated Russia's military-technological superiority, or a complete failure of US "analytical" organizations to predict anything right about Russia--all these are the signs of a terminal illness. Russia doesn't see anymore any sense in appeasement and accommodations with the US. It seems that Gerasimov's warning is quite blunt. Moscow clearly understands that these now are CIA and its branch, Department of State, which run US foreign policy, well, as a result game changes. The United States decided to open Cold War 1.0 playbook but considering the fact that a lot in that book is simply a fantasy, a figment of imagination by "exceptional" historians, it is already clear where this Cold War 2.0 may lead. It is not the future the United States wants to contemplate but it is one, it seems, it cannot avoid anymore. Teresa May and her political show, in this case, are merely symptoms, not the cause of the ailment.   


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