Thursday, April 6, 2017

Santa Is....

Yes, you've guessed it, a black gay man married to a white Santa. Do I have to delve into this? 

Santa Claus Will Be A Gay Black Man In A New Children’s Book

Assault on normalcy, on common sense, on morality continues unabated. Even children are not beyond its reach anymore. Insanity begins to take a grotesque forms and it manifests itself not only in art, but in economy, in foreign policy, even in war. Nothing sacred left. Europe is done, it is over--even if to consider that Marine may win elections in France. Will this change anything, when the very fabric of once "Western" societies is completely torn to pieces? We have today huge numbers of politically active population in the nominal "West" which is not only not revolted by this, but applauds it and promotes it as "a new normal". Same is in US. The West has gone to hell and big trouble is not just coming, it is already here--social, economic, cultural pressures are building and there is no release valve. War? I mean a real huge war? I am not even sure that it may relieve or redress contradictions anymore. I need to collect my thoughts to address this in more analytical, rational manner and I, probably, will at some point of time. The world is pregnant with revolution, the quickening is upon us.


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