Friday, April 7, 2017

Russian Defense Ministry To Suspend Communications Hotline With Pentagon as of April 8.

Earlier today (I am not even going to bother) I read Pentagon's statement that, no, Russia still maintains open lines. Evidently not anymore: 

Yet, as important as it is, I am still scratching my head after what happened in Syria. I really am flabbergasted: was it a "disposal" (отстрел--shoot off) of US old munitions? Possible. How probable--I don't know, but boy, one has to consider "embarrassment" factor when doing this. Old munitions do have propensity to fail but to such an extent? This is really fascinating. Did Russian Air Defense in Syria and other, you know, "means" had telemetry of those hapless Tomahawks? Undeniably so. The question remains--what happened to those, allegedly, 36 Tomahawks which never made it to targets. A rather fascinating question. Are we into this.... again!!! Bombing accordion factories as secondary targets:


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