Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Putin Strikes Back, I Am Telling You....

Remember this scumbag O'Reilly, who was so cool as to call President Putin a "killer"? Well, Putin, FSB, GRU and others struck back at Bill O'Reilley and he got fired by FOX News today. I am telling you, this Putin fella is a mighty dark lord of US media, intelligence services, Pentagon, Congress, what have you. What's next now? Trump declaring socialism in good ol' USA? I am telling you, a scary stuff. On the other hand, wait, Bill O'Reilley got fired not because of Putin, he got fired because he is, indeed, a scumbag and a sexual pervert but let us leave it to courts to decide it, after all--innocent until proven guilty. But there is no doubt that he was and is fake, top-bottom, as was the Factor (or Fucktor?) he pushed on his unsuspecting sheeple. 


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