Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Some Very Bluesy-Jazzy Moscow.

I don't know if there is Tchaikovsky or Rachmaninoff Plaza  anywhere in US, but Russians surely love their American real culture, especially when it comes to jazz. Savelosvsky City, a complex of condos not far from Savelovsky Railroad Station (we used to stay nearby with our relatives all the time, until they moved) and the names of the buildings speak volumes. 
Goodman, Davis, King, Ellington, Coltrane.
It is rather a good reminder of those jazz and blues giants' achievement and it looks good too.

Still Under Construction

Especially against Moscow's magnificent skyline: 
I didn't have a chance to look up prices for apartments there but I am sure they are not cheap. Moscow is expensive, as one may expect. I hate to live in high rises (skyscrapers) but boy, I am sure the view from the 46th floor penthouses from Ellington and Coltrane should be astounding. The third of those apartment blocks, properly named Armstrong is coming too.
Armstrong To The Very Right
I just thought that I share with you with Russian architectural and cultural attitudes.

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