Monday, February 13, 2017

A Tragic Fate Of Limpopo.

If you are not a Russian (Soviet) who was born in 1960s you wouldn't know the most wonderful mid-1960s Soviet children's' movie Aybolit-66, which was based on a wonderful children's poetry by beloved Kornei Chukovsky. Aybolit is Russian for Ouch, It Hurts. Hence, Doctor Ouch, It Hurts. I remember colossal lines to Baku's Vatan movie-theater of parents and children to the box office to get a magical ticket for this movie event. It was almost a stampede.

The story is taking place in imaginary African country of Limpopo (after the famous river and, later, in 2000s an actual province of RSA) which is ruled by ruthless villain Barmaley. Well, wonderful Doctor eventually beats the villain and everybody is happy. It is children's book, and a movie, OK? Well, not until famous Russian pranksters Vovan and Lexus got to Congresswoman Maxine Waters and informed her on behalf of Ukraine's PM Groisman that after invading North Korea, aggressive Putin and those Russian thugs now invaded Limpopo and overthrew a legitimate government of Barmaley and installed Putin's puppet Doctor Aybolit. I am not making this shit up!!

This already made the news on Russia's all main networks, you can see video here. What can I say? First you have US Senator James Inhofe finding Russia's regular troops in Ukraine thanks to fake photos given to him by Ukrainian delegation. Then you have a bunch of Russia's "experts" even today still basing their conclusions about situation in Donbass on the "presence" there of those mythical stealth Russian regular army units. Now--this. I guess, studying classic Russian children's literature is in order for some members of US Congress. Who knows, next time Russians may commit another horrible crime, such as installing a communist government on the Moon by evil Znaika

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