Friday, February 3, 2017

A Letter to Federica Mogherini.

Here is EU's "diplomacy" big honcho, Federica Mogherini, does it again: parades herself as a clueless delusional hack. In her today's  interview to Corriere Della Sera (in Italian) she (yet again) demonstrates the depth of the rot and impotence of EU and its structures. Using Google Translate it is not difficult to grasp Mogherini's take on the latest events in the world, including Russian-American relations:

"What does Europe in front of the new Trump-Putin Russia and a strong board, winning in Syria, a friend of dictators in the Middle East? "I would have some doubts about the actual strength of Russia, a country undermined by the economic crisis. Its internal difficulties are well disguised as an international political and military dynamics. Europe has no interest in a Russia weak and in crisis. I am very concerned by what is happening in Ukraine. Very serious, because it continues to violate the principle that borders must not be changed by force. However, Europe and Russia have worked and are working very well together on many issues such as the Iranian nuclear dossier. But on other issues, such as Afghanistan or the peace process in the Middle East I am not so sure that the agendas Trump-Putin dovetailed. " 

I have some news for Mogherini when she speaks about Russia (see above underlined). I do consider the possibility of Mogherini being asleep for the last 17 years and being awake only in a duration of the last couple of days, but to be THAT stupid and ignorant (and disingenuous, of course), one has to really put some effort in it, or remain asleep.  So, I have to write a letter to her.  Here it is:

Dear Federica, 

in the times of fast-speed internet and unobstructed global flow of information, it is really difficult to "disguise" virtually anything, let alone "internal difficulties" of such country as Russia. Especially when one considers, that Russia and Russians enjoy today benefits of freedom of speech and of information which are beyond the grasp of most Europeans who are living in Orwellian world of political correctness and of the newspeak. Western in general, and EU media in particular, are a laughing stock of the world and are supremely incompetent in the same way as EU's political class is incompetent. As any country, Russia does have difficulties but those are not only not disguised, especially considering Russia being saturated with Western "observers", ranging from media to espionage types (both foreign and domestic), but are in the open and for the last three years served as a fodder for Western "media", who not for once predicted Russia's demise.... which never came. 

It is reasonable then to assume that these, supposedly "disguised", difficulties were not as life threatening as was stated, and that EU media, diplomatic and intelligence observers failed miserably in assessing the actual, real state of the affairs. As per "disguising" those obviously well exposed "difficulties" through international and military "dynamics", one has to understand that, using the words of great British historian, Corelli Barnett: power of the nation-state by no means consist only in its armed forces, but also in its economic and technological resources; in the dexterity, foresight and resolution with which its foreign policy is conducted; in the efficiency of its social and political organization. It consists most of all in the nation itself, the people, their skills, energy, ambition, discipline, initiative; their beliefs, myths and illusions. And it consists, further, in the way all these factors are related to one another.  

While EU's combined GDP is larger than that of Russia (hers is about the size of Germany's) all points listed by Barnett Russia has, all with a plus sign. That is why Russia is a superpower influencing global dynamics. EU, other than GDP, has none of what Barnett talks about. Today EU is a geopolitical midget with demoralized population, with catastrophic demographics and being in panic retreat against waves of Muslim immigrants. EU represents today a reincarnation of Sodom and Gomorrah, European men have been completely emasculated under the constant assault of feminists and sexual deviants. European armed forces are pathetic. European Churches are empty or being destroyed altogether. The whole notion of power has been reduced in Europe to a collection of the post-modernist gender-neutral memes. The campaign of suppressing any critique of governments and of Brussels useless moronic bureaucracy is in full swing. On every point which ever defined and defines real power and influence Europe fails miserably. It increasingly becomes nothing more than a relatively small peninsula of a giant Eurasian landmass with only two things going for it. One, being a depository of a treasures of past European civilizations, second, having, for now, more or less large GDP providing a good standard of living, again, for now. But even here, a massive change is coming, because this model is unsustainable, especially against the background of European institutions' impotence and total collapse of morality and civilization sustaining values. Yes, Federica, that means you and your "diplomatic" organization too. You are simply not in the same league, not even close, with Russia's diplomats who would "eat" you and your "colleagues" alive, because unlike you, representing Brussels' bureaucracy, Russian diplomats are not only better educated, they represent real interests of their nation. 

Here, I have to conclude my letter with response to what I marked in red in your quote. Dear Federica, it is the other way around. It is Russia who is not interested in Europe as EU, especially when it is not going to survive. Russia is not interested, other than as the market for Russian goods, in Brussels' bureaucracy which is dumb as fuck and can ensure only two things: either completely run Europe into the ground or, maybe, finally precipitate the uprising of those remaining French, German, Italian, Dutch nations who must erase this globalist order in order to survive as independent nations and cultures. With this, Federica, I want to wish you and EU bureaucracy a faster moral and financial bankruptcy and disappearance from European mind, whatever is left of it today anyway, as a long and torturous nightmare disappears with awakening into the nice sunny morning. But I don't hold my breath for that and you may relax before finding Europe as merely a geographic appendix to a place where the new economic reality is emerging as I type this. Stay safe and learn how to shoot (just in case), you may need it. But above all, try to wake up first.  


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