Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Poor, Poor Dears-II

I hope you have heard about the insanity which unfolded in Austria recently? If not, update your logs of Europe's descent into hell. 

After all, those poor, poor dears, are so emotionally vulnerable in a face of Western culture, that they can not contain their sexual impulses. By far, the most remarkable was a reaction of Vladimir Putin to that--the only known head of a major state to comment, honestly, on this Austrian legal atrocity. 

But then again, each year "Western" liberal so called civilization uncovers massive child pornography rings. How it all started. Remember French "intellectuals", such as Sartre, writing in 1977 a letter against the age of consent in France? Well, when one has such "idols" as these perverts what can one expect as an outcome? And don't tell me that Nabokov is a great writer--if not for Lolita, a long time obsession of the artistic and (faux) "intellectual" classes--he wouldn't be remembered for any significant real contribution to literature. Yes, I read Lolita twice (both Russian and English) and each time I finished reading it I felt compelled to take a shower and caress my 9-mm Ruger or 12-gauge Mossberg--the tools which increasingly become the only means of passing a judgement on this filth which is flourishing in Europe (and some parts of US) among those who think themselves to be divinely anointed guides to all us, deplorables, on the road to the brave new world in which anything that is holy and sacred will be annihilated. But the game for us, deplorables, is not over, in fact, it only starts. 

UPDATE:  Meanwhile in the country which loves to talk about itself as the place of birth of Magna Carta and thus of democracy, things get a little bit too politically correctish. Great Britain might be gone (for now) from EU but it is already gone as Great Britain, bar its pompous and degenerate political class which still thinks that it lives in XIX century. No worries, they will convert to Islam in due time. Here is from BBC.   

Louis Smith: British Gymnastics bans four-time Olympic medallist over video

Wow! Just Wow. But then again, I always admired US Constitution and its most important amendments (especially 1st and 2nd), that is why US still has a fighting chance to change things. But the land of Shakespeare and Newton is over.    

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