Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Bang For A Buck.

I wrote about this proverbial "bang for the buck" here from the inception of this blog. Enough to recall this and this, among many other posts here which are dedicated to a military capability. I am not the only one who stresses this issue of "bang for the buck" constantly. In the end, warfare is not a linear affair, as was stated here many times and military capability counts only insofar as "compelling the enemy to do our will" goes, as good ole' chum Clausewitz noted. Here is one day old piece by William Engdahl with the title which speak for itself.    

                      More Bang for the Buck

I thought this article was worthy of our attention so--here it is. As per Izdelie (Object) 4202--it is a well known fact that hyper-sonic weapons development program in Russia is at full steam. But while strategic ramifications of such weapons' procurement for US anti-(missile) ballistic program are enormous, use of such technologies in anti-shipping missile technology may provide a massive impetus for the development of direct energy weapons. But even now they, these mostly CGI weapons, are already late catastrophically and before they mature in usable military technology we may cross into another paradigm altogether. If Zircon (3M22) missile comes on-line as promised in 2018 (OK, give it classic Russian couple of years delay)--the naval warfare will change in a revolutionary way and with it the extent of massive geopolitical shift will be fully revealed. 

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