Saturday, November 14, 2015

France, Wake Up!!

I could have written a lot but I don't want to, at least not for now--I will, very soon. Let now lowlifes, like war criminal Amanpour, or bimbos from Fox, together with their army of incompetent "experts", dominate narrative--their time is running out anyway. My heart today is with people of France and I mean FRENCH people, yes, those white European FRENCH people, who speak French, who sing Marseillaise and it lifts their spirits. I talk about heirs of Charles Martel and Charles de Gaulle, people for whom those names mean a lot. I talk about people who still care about their culture and want to preserve it. People of France, PARIS--my heart is with you and I know we will have to fight. 

J'ACCUSE: traitorous so called "Western" (in reality anti-western) power "elites", French, American, German, what have you--people who are responsible for allowing, nay--inspiring, the rise of "multiculturalism", which led to a Europe becoming a gypsy tabor and jihad-infested cluster of mosques. You and you prostitute so called "academe" and media are responsible for what is happening today in Middle East and now in Paris. You, condemned and cowardly "social justice warriors",   will answer for the downfall of European (I don't want to use term "Western" anymore) civilization but it will be later. For now, my heart is with FRENCH people. 

Marine, it is your Jeanne D'Arc moment!!


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