Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Few Short Thoughts On Turkey Shoot.

Each time I try to write on military power, something happens. Something happened today. I will abstain from regurgitation of media points re: downed Russian SU-24 and deceased Russian marine--my thoughts and prayers, if this could be called such in atheist, with them and their loved ones. Now to the subject matter:

1. No WW III. At least not yet. 
2. Turkey's behavior in first hours after shooting down Russian plane is a behavior of a coward (which is not surprising)--instead of establishing urgent connection with Russian General Staff they "disappeared" and later popped up already on the NATO Council. Very typical of the jackals and their masters. It is also very typical of people from that region--doing something irrational and hysterical and then trying to find a posse which will cover their ass, after realization comes of doing a very very naughty thing. Especially, against wrong people.
3. If anyone had any doubts about Turkey being a supporter of Islamic terrorism, well, NATO should be "proud" of having such an "honorable" members in their midst, but then again, the biggest NATO honcho seems to be in business of propping up radical Islam for the last 35 years. A "stellar" record, really. No surprise here.
4. Turkish Air Force (and Turkish General Staff) as of now have gained themselves a very attentive followers in form of Russian Air-Space Troops and, no doubt, some other unspecified organizations which usually do not advertise their activities. So.....for now.
5. No more Russian tourists (except for the Russian white trash sluts, but those can remain in Turkey forever) for Turkish poisonous moonshine, which passes as a legitimate alcohol, and for Turkish "5 stars" hotels and "resorts".
6. Good lesson for Putin. Will he start cleaning Russia's house from....how about starting from his liberal buddy Medvedev and economic block which is incompatible with Russia's national interests? Why? Because.....
7. Things will get even dicier in coming months. After all, some Kurd (not all) factions need to suddenly gain some substantial air defense and attack capabilities.
8. Things will get even more dicier in Ukraine. 
9. Restoration of the 5th Operational Squadron (5th OPESK) suddenly moves into the very-very urgent category. 
10. In general, rearmament program needs boosting (albeit it is progressing apace), with X-101s and Kalibrs arriving in even larger quantities. 
11. In general, real economy must go in overdrive--this is what Russian society overwhelmingly is ready for and was calling for years now. 

And yes, when this Washington puppet Hollande arrives to Moscow, please, Putin, remind him of France's "trust credit rating" which is zero. They are not there to fight terrorism. All of them ARE enablers of terrorism, either consciously or not. 

It is a war and there will be Russian casualties--this is NOTHING new for Russia. It seems, judging by the first reactions, Russia and Russians are ready.

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