Monday, July 8, 2024

Stating Obvious...

 ... is not a science. Sabine may have Ph.D in Theoretical Physics but she oozes classic German lefty not understanding that she is herself a part of the problem being a conduit of social and economic policies (yes, Eco-friendly BS, which killed Germany) which killed (it is a fait accompli) Germany. 

Germany should be embarrassed for being a slap-bitch of the US, being an occupied country, being de-industrialized, having Grune Party, having never learned proper economics and geopolitics. So, Ph.D in physics doesn't prevent one from being stupid and brainwashed. But at least she asks right questions now. It is too late to ask them, but at least she may claim some scientific integrity to her argument in the middle of the accelerating collapse. I have some very bad news for her... and Germany.

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