Friday, June 14, 2024

That Was The Point...

 ... of Vladimir Harkonnen... ah, pardon me, Putin's peace gesture. 

And, as was expected:

The terms Russian President Vladimir Putin outlined for ending the conflict are an “ultimatum” to Ukraine and as such unacceptable, Vladimir Zelensky has said. Speaking at a meeting with senior Russian Foreign Ministry officials on Friday, Putin said that Kiev would have to cede all the territory of four regions that chose to join Russia and guarantee it would never join NATO before peace talks could begin. “What can I say? These messages are ultimatum messages, they are nothing different than other ultimatums that he has made before,” Zelensky told the TV network Sky TG24 while attending the G7 meeting in the south of Italy. “He wants us to give up part of our occupied territories, but he also wants the unoccupied ones. He talks about regions of our country, and he won’t stop,” Zelensky claimed. 

So, the "thunder" of "peace conference" in Switzerland is gone and as Dmitry Medvedev stated to the West--I give just the you. So, the annihilation of 404 continues. Meanwhile, here is Nima talking to me yesterday:

I saw the post about John Mearsheimer talking to Judge about Russian Navy. As I state non-stop, Mearsheimer's understanding of modern warfare is that of an amateur. He graduated USMA at West Point, but, evidently, learned absolutely nothing and hence wasted his "talents" in the field of fake political "science". He has no clue about Russia, and about the United States, for that matter.

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