Sunday, June 23, 2024

Larry Provides A Good Summary...

In his latest on cluster munitions on Sevastopol's beaches. 

The intended target, most likely, was Belbek air field which part of the aviation of the Black Sera Fleet is based on. The part of package of one of the shot ATACAMS still managed to dispense and that's what have created the killing field with 5 people killed and 125 wounded, many children among them. ATACMS is American system and flight data was entered by the US personnel. US doesn't allow khokhol nowhere near US systems (ATACMS, Patriot PAC3, NASAMS et al) operating in 404. 

Dmitry Orlov wrote a brilliant piece on:

He elaborates well on what War and Punishment (a combination of War and Peace and Crime and Punishment) are, so if you don't have Dmitry's Boosty subscription--get it.  

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