Wednesday, June 19, 2024

You Know You Are In Trouble...

 ... when this kind of news begins to make headlines around the world. 

That tells you something. It is, indeed, criminal and atrocious what has been done to once great commercial aerospace company, that what once would have been considered a stellar position, a position to be proud of and heralding one's engineering and managerial achievement, has become toxic and nobody wants to take it. Even considering immense financial and other corporate rewards.  

Sadly, Boeing's problems do not stop just with the search for a new CEO:

Obviously, Starliner is a brand new capsule, but, boy, evidently the leaks are serious and under these circumstances it is right decision to keep astronauts on ISS for now. Do we see Soyuz in the nearest future if issues will not be resolved? One cannot exclude such a situation. For the most part astronauts and cosmonauts are a friendly bunch, with the exception of Senator Mark Kelly whose badmouthing Russians is a sign of his inferiority complex, and they do come to help each-other if need be. So, let's keep fingers crossed. Will Musk enter the equation? I cannot even conceive what these two astronauts feel now, especially if they will be cleared to fly Starliner back to Earth. But Boeing is a reflection of the overall state of the United States today.

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