Wednesday, June 26, 2024


How about learning about real war and economy? So, 404's mobilization potential is reduced to 22 months of combat as it stays now--it may change really abruptly, once you begin to calculate forces. Now, seeing Western Europeans rushing to fight those nasty Russkies...

NATO countries in Europe are reportedly facing a shortage of military personnel and would have difficulty mobilizing a significant number of troops in case of a conflict, the Financial Times reported on Wednesday. According to the outlet’s analysts, Western European members of the US-led military bloc are said to have 1.9 million troops “on paper.” In reality, however, they would face challenges deploying more than 300,000 people – and even this would require months of preparation. Former NATO Assistant Secretary-General Camilla Grand explained that the bloc’s members have never had to consider mass deployment of their forces and that European defense planning has for many years been limited to matters such as supplying “300 special forces for Afghanistan.” “That’s created gaps,” Grand said, adding that the bloc has seen “a shrinking in forces all over the continent year after year.”

The unanswered question, however, remains--why would Russians want this shithole which Europe becomes on their balance? To feed these emasculated creeps? Why? Reality was never a commodity in the West and, from what I gather, Russians do not care about combined West anymore. The arithmetic is really simple, as I explained today--404 has about 1.1 million of reserves left (most likely much less), with an average of 50,000 VSU troops erased from the Order of Battle monthly--count yourself the "depth" of the mobilization potential, granted Europeans do not want to die for AIPAC. 300,000? Really--do they even teach them basic math in West's military "academies"? I don't think so. 

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